The Dominguez Family welcomes you to TUPINUMBA CAFÉ where the finest in Tex-Mex dishes have been served for 65 years.

Papa Froylan Dominguez fled Mexico in 1910 during the height of the Mexican Revolution. He brought with Consuelo, and the family recipes that he and Consuelo began serving to Dallas in 1953 at the first Tupinumba Restaurant in Oak Cliff. It is believed the Dominguez family introduced the nachos and the sour cream enchilada to Dallas.

The secret family recipe for dishes such as Tupy Tacos and chili con carne has been passed on to his son, Eddie, and his grandson, Jeff, who continues to serve quality Tex-Mex food that Dallas has come to expect from Tupinumba.

So Again, welcome to Tupinumba, and enjoy "Mexican Food Supreme" where a family tradition has become a Dallas legend.